Gong cha’s 4-Step Approach to Conquering the Competitive U.S. Market

In this blog, we will unveil the four strategic steps that paved the way for our remarkable journey to success in the United States. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur eyeing the boba tea business or simply fascinated by the bubble tea industry, this blog offers invaluable insights into Gong cha’s growing popularity.

Bubble tea franchising has taken the world by storm, and Gong cha, a premium international bubble tea brand, had its sights set on conquering the highly competitive U.S. market back in 2014. Gong cha’s award-winning history speaks for itself: Gong cha was ranked #1 in the Tea category on Entrepreneur’s prestigious Franchise 500® list for the second consecutive year (2023 & 2022); awarded category winner of Top Food & Beverage Franchises in the Global Franchise Awards (2023); and ranked #151 on Franchise Times’ Top 400 List.

Step 1: Building Brand Awareness – Putting the Spotlight on Gong cha

Entering a new market comes with the challenge of building brand awareness. Gong cha tackled this, in part, by investing head-on in our comprehensive marketing strategy designed to captivate the hearts of our target audience. With the Instagram-able bubble tea gaining international and domestic popularity, Gong cha seized the opportunity to leverage its existing global fan base and grow to more than 2,000 locations including the United States.

Word-of-Mouth Magic: Gong cha harnessed the power of satisfied customers, encouraging them to spread the word. This organic promotion was instrumental in creating a buzz around the brand and taking over social media.

Digital Dominance: We didn’t shy away from the digital realm. We embraced it. Our strong online presence ensured that we stayed on the radar of Gen Z and millennial consumers.

Media Marvel: Utilizing a blend of paid, earned, and owned media campaigns, Gong cha’s message resonated with customers, helping us rapidly build a loyal customer base.

Step 2: Localizing the Approach – Tailoring Bubble Tea to American Tastes

The U.S. market isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition, and Gong cha knew it. To succeed, we localized our approach to cater to unique cultural preferences and consumer behaviors.

Boots on the Ground: Gong cha established a dedicated team in the U.S. to keep a finger on the pulse of market trends, ensuring our offerings stayed in sync with American consumers.

Menu Magic: By conducting local market testing and actively seeking feedback, Gong cha fine-tuned our menu to align with the specific tastes and preferences of the U.S. consumer.

Global Success, Local Adaptation: While optimizing the menu for the U.S., Gong cha also retained successful menu items from international markets, offering a fusion of flavors that resonated with American taste buds.

Step 3: Controlling the Supply Chain – Sourcing Quality Ingredients, Ensuring Consistency

Maintaining an efficient supply chain is a cornerstone for international brands venturing into new markets. Gong cha achieves this by capitalizing on our fully integrated global supply chain.

Quality Assurance: We secure high-quality sourced raw materials from long-established suppliers in Asia, ensuring the essence of our bubble tea remains consistent.

Cost Efficiency: A well-managed supply chain, built on relationships and loyalty with suppliers, allows Gong cha to control costs effectively, a crucial factor in our ability to provide value to customers.

Reliable Experience: Through a robust supply chain, Gong cha was able to guarantee continuity in product offerings for our franchisees, ensuring a consistent customer experience across the board.

Step 4: Providing Franchise Support – Empowering Franchisees for Success

A thriving franchise brand in a new market requires a robust support system. Gong cha invested significantly in developing comprehensive training tools and processes for our franchisees, a foundation that solidifies our growing bubble tea empire.

Global Expertise: Leveraging decades of experience from franchisees abroad, Gong cha ensured that U.S. franchisees received top-notch training, preserving our brand’s core experience and guiding principles.

Operational Excellence: By adopting best practices and simple, streamlined business model, Gong cha maintained operational excellence. This means higher satisfaction for customers and better ease of operation with minimal staff for franchisees.

Expert Guidance: Gong cha assembled a highly competent U.S. team with deep expertise in the food and beverage retail industry. This team provided marketing support, worked closely with franchisees to drive sales, and educated them about our brand’s unique value proposition.

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Gong cha’s journey to conquer the U.S. bubble tea market is a testament to the power of strategy and adaptability. If you’re eager to dive into the boba tea business and be part of the thriving bubble tea industry, Gong cha offers a proven pathway to success.

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*Allied Market Research, Global Bubble Tea Market Opportunities and Forecast, 2020 – 2027.

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