two hands holding Gong cha bubble tea beverages

A Gong cha Franchisee’s Tale of Resilience and Success

In the heart of Worcester, amidst the challenges of a pandemic-stricken world, Hannah and Jason Vuong embarked on a journey that would define their entrepreneurial ...
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Gong cha US franchise storefront and drink special sign

Gong cha’s 4-Step Approach to Conquering the Competitive U.S. Market

Bubble tea franchising has taken the world by storm, and Gong cha, a premium international bubble tea brand, had its sights set on conquering the ...
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Customers sitting on steps enjoying Gong cha bubble tea

Shake Up the Season with a Bubble Tea Franchise

The holiday spirit is in full swing, and at Gong cha, we’re not just celebrating; we’re innovating! This festive season, we invite you to ‘Shake ...
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Four friends drinking bubble tea laughing in store

Embracing the Bubble Tea Boom: Why Gong cha Leads the Way to Success

In the vibrant realm of global popularity, bubble tea has emerged as a sensation, delighting taste buds and winning the hearts of a diverse range ...
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Gong cha bubble tea storefront

Brewing Loyalty: How Gong cha Leverages Integrated Technology for Franchise Success

At Gong cha, innovation and guest satisfaction are at the heart of our bubble tea franchise journey. As a leading player in the thriving bubble ...
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Gong cha cold foam bubble tea

Trendsetters: How Gong cha is Behind Some of the Most Popular Trends

Welcome to Gong cha, a trendsetter in the world of bubble tea. Our journey of innovation began in 2015 in Japan, where we revolutionized the ...
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