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Gong cha and the Love of Bubble Tea

In the dynamic landscape of the global beverage industry, a captivating love story is unfolding, and it goes by the name of bubble tea. Originating ...
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How Bubble Tea Enthusiasts Become Successful Franchisees

Gong cha franchising is holding the coveted #1 spot in its category according to Entrepreneur Magazine’s prestigious Franchise 500, Gong cha, hailed as the world’s ...
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3 Reasons Why Gong cha’s Business Model is Great for New Entrepreneurs

Move over coffee; bubble tea is taking center stage. In the world of Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) beverages, especially across Asia, North America, and Europe, the ...
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New Year, New Bubble Tea Opportunities: Gong cha Franchising Unveils Exciting Prospects for 2024

Welcome to 2024, where Gong cha franchising is bubbling with opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs! If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a piece of the booming ...
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Gong cha’s Recipe for Franchising Success

Are you enticed by the bubbling world of bubble tea franchising? Have you ever gazed at those vibrant, irresistible drinks and wondered what makes them ...
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A Gong cha Franchisee’s Tale of Resilience and Success

In the heart of Worcester, amidst the challenges of a pandemic-stricken world, Hannah and Jason Vuong embarked on a journey that would define their entrepreneurial ...
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