The 15 Absolute Best Boba Shops in Houston

“THERE WERE TIMES during this two-month project we thought our bodies might turn into a giant tapioca pearl. Sometimes sacrifices must be made, and no expense was spared to bring you this ultimate guide to the best boba in the Houston area.

Gong Cha is an international chain, but its consistency and quality are hard to beat. The Asiatown location is filled with chattering families even on weekday afternoons because the boba pearls are among the best in town, boasting a perfect bounce and Q-ness that leaves your teeth wanting more. Gong Cha’s tea leaves are well roasted, infusing the drink with a strong floral flavor. For those who want to go beyond the classic, try the milk foam, a salted cream with just a sprinkle of matcha powder, over oolong tea. Or opt for the Earl Grey milk tea with 3 J’s, a drink that resembles Vietnamese chè with tapioca pearls, egg pudding and herbal grass jelly layered throughout.”

Source: Houston Chronicle