How Bubble Tea Enthusiasts Become Successful Franchisees

Gong cha franchising is holding the coveted #1 spot in its category according to Entrepreneur Magazine’s prestigious Franchise 500, Gong cha, hailed as the world’s premier bubble tea brand clinched another accolade by earning our place among the top franchises in the U.S. for the third consecutive time on the esteemed Top 400 List by Franchise Times. Elevating our standing by an impressive 42 spots, our premium bubble tea franchise now proudly sits at #151 overall, fueled by a noteworthy 16.5% surge in sales.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a piece of the booming beverage industry, look no further. As we dive into the new year, the bubble tea industry is buzzing with excitement, and Gong cha is at the forefront.

Join us in quenching the world’s thirst for Gong cha’s boba tea as we unveil a key ingredient to our recipe for success – our unwavering support.

The Gong cha Difference: Quality Unleashed

At the heart of Gong cha’s success lies the commitment to premium tea. Be a part of a franchise that stands out for its dedication to quality. Gong cha’s teas are not just beverages; they’re a celebration of ritual and superior flavor, sourced meticulously to ensure an unparalleled experience. As a franchisee, you become a curator of this rich tea culture, offering customers an authentic taste that keeps them coming back for more.

Training that Brews Success

Embarking on a journey into the bubble tea industry might seem overwhelming, but not with Gong cha. Our franchise model is designed for smooth ownership, offering comprehensive support at every step.

A well-trained franchisee is more likely to achieve better financial and operational results which is why our training program is the secret ingredient that sets Gong cha franchisees up for success.

Company Introduction and Business Concept: Dive deep into the core values and concepts that make Gong cha unique in the market.

Marketing/Logistics Overview: Learn the ropes of effective marketing strategies and logistical intricacies that drive business.

Training Overview: Understand the comprehensive training roadmap that awaits you, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the journey.

Manager Training: Equip yourself with the skills needed to lead and manage your team effectively.

Kitchen Preparation Work: Master the art of preparing the perfect Gong cha beverages with hands-on kitchen training.

Drink Building: Immerse yourself in the creative process of crafting signature Gong cha drinks.

POS/Topping: Gain proficiency in the Point of Sale (POS) system and perfect the art of topping, ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Customer Service/Response Training: Learn the art of customer interaction and efficient response management to build lasting relationships.

Opening Assistance: Because Your Success Matters

Gong cha doesn’t just stop at training; we believe in setting you up for success. Our opening assistance is tailored to your needs. We provide on-site support at your Franchised Store for a period deemed necessary by us, ensuring a seamless start to your business. We’ll provide on-the-ground instruction in your local store to help you get the hang of the Gong cha methodology and make you a bubble tea master. With us, you’re not just a franchisee; you’re a valued member of the Gong cha family.

Bubble Tea Industry Buzz: Ride the Wave with Gong cha

Gong cha opened its inaugural store in Taiwan back in 2006, marking the beginning of its international presence with the establishment of its first overseas outlet in Hong Kong three years later. Gong cha then experienced accelerated growth, reaching a milestone in 2019 by surpassing 1,100 global stores after a decade of expansion. This year, the number of locations has nearly doubled, exceeding 2,100, with the addition of approximately 105 to 120 new stores in the Americas by the end of 2023.

We take pride in crafting an immersive experience for both franchisees and tea enthusiasts alike. Gong cha is not just a brand; it’s a lifestyle.

Premium Bubble Tea, Premium Franchise Opportunity

Ready to take the plunge into the world of bubble tea franchising? Contact us now to explore direct or multi-unit franchise ownership opportunities, and let’s brew success together. Your journey starts with Gong cha  – where premium tea meets premium opportunity.

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*Allied Market Research, Global Bubble Tea Market Opportunities and Forecast, 2020 – 2027.

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